Happy Hump Day Review of the Week: Spider House Coffee in Austin, TX


A hop, skip, and a jump away from the UT Austin campus, overlooking Hemphill Park, there sits a pretty little coffee shop on Fruth Street named Spider House. I used to go to Spider House all the time back in the day when I lived in Austin 10 years ago, and, after a more recent visit, I can safely say it is the same Austin-y, quirky little neighborhood coffee shop-meets outdoor beer and wine garden I once loved. Inside, there are well-worn board games and books for entertainment, as well as random religious icons and candles, and funky 70’s chandeliers and string lights everywhere. At night, the Christmas lights cast off a warm glow that beckons you from streets away to come in. In the daytime, the outdoor garden is blooming with the kind of antique, rusted patio furniture that you would find in a really hip grandma’s backyard.


Speaking of grandma chic, the Spider House itself is close to 100 years old, built in the 1920’s and only cooler with age. Perched in the antique patio furniture garden you will find hipsters, students, hippies, and everyone in between enjoying the live music while sipping their drip coffee, which is actually really good…The kind of drip coffee that sends mini shockwaves of vigor (or caffeine) straight to your brain. The food, as I recall, is pretty good too. There was a sandwich I got last time with peanut butter and honey that I highly recommend with an espresso. My personal favorite thing to do at Spider House was to order a jug of icy sangria, which was complete with a bountiful smorgasbord of ripe fruits, and lounge in the afternoon sun listening to surprisingly pleasant live music. They also do fun, artsy, and FREE film screenings some nights, and for those of you who have an inner poet, they do Slam poetry nights too. All very Austin, which, if you are looking for the perfect place to experience that Austin vibe one night, Spider House is a must. It’s offbeat and beautiful, and will always hold some of my fondest Austin memories in its walls.

*photos courtesy of yelpers Spartacus S. and Conrad B.