Humpday HappyHour Review: Bacchanal Wine Bar in NOLA

ImageSo in spirit of my idea on having special “theme” days each week, I thought it might be neat to do a Happy Humpday Hour on Wednesdays, in which I review all the snazzy bars, restaurants, and café’s I can manage, preferably minus the beer belly/ food baby side effects. I’ll try my best to find all the hip places with some great happy hour specials, but happy hour specials or not, I’ll definitely find great spots to chill out at when you’re trying to get through the work week hump. I’m thinking I’ll post sometime before you would go out after work, like around 4 or 4:30 (CST). Oh, and I will try my best not to stick to one specific city, but since I DO live in Dallas, be prepared for more Dallas reviews than anything else (yay for my Dallas fans!). That being said, I DID just return from a hazy, fun-filled, foodie-gasmic adventure in NOLA so I’m going to kick off my first review with a bar we went to that really impressed me for it’s very jazzy, hip ambience, and of course, food. Continue reading