Happy Hump Day Review of the Week: Local Foods Restaurant | Houston, TX


When I first found out that my beloved Antone’s original sandwich shop was being thrown out into the cold by some new, hip restaurant, I was pretty bummed. This place was, after all, the original Antone’s sub shop, and was a nearly five decades long-standing staple for those in the museum district and West University areas for a mean po-boy. Then when we discovered the new, hip bully on the block was actually a concept restaurant birthed from owner of the neighbor next door, Benji’s, well, I was feeling far less Atomic-Wedgied by this presumed “bully”. I mean, how much of a meanie could this restaurant be if they were sort of right next door all along? Come opening week, my mama and I decided to just “walk by” and “check it out through the window”.

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