My Professional Chef Lesson of the Day: How to make a Sachet d’Epices


As some of you who are closely following may recall, I posted a very excited entry a couple of weeks ago about the arrival of a very treasured UPS delivery: my Professional Chef textbook! My plan was to read a chapter, then post what I learned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Weeeeelll, after reading the first five chapters and realizing there wasn’t much I could really post on in those intro chapters, I finally stumbled upon something worth posting that I think you, reader, will find useful and interesting! In my first ever post chronicling my tacking of this giant textbook, I present to you: How to make a sachet d’Epices! A sachet d’Epices is just a fancy French name for a pouch made of cheesecloth containing herbs and spices of your choice, intended to infuse flavor into a broth without the “mess” of putting the spices directly into the broth or sauce. The flavor will be more subtle as well. Think of it as a light kiss of flavor rather than a full-blown punch in your taste buds. The following recipe is my recipe that I used to flavor the broth for a beef roast, but you can modify to whatever you are cooking, and get creative with it. You could add ginger, a cinnamon stick, mustard seed, carrot, etc.  Play around and see what you can come up with! I tried quite a few sachets after reading this chapter, and I WILL say, some turned out amazing like the following recipe, and others, well, not so great. The trick is to experiment and see what works, and what doesn’t!

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