Cooking with a Clay Pot: Achiote Pork Tacos and Arroz Verde


One of my favorite wedding gifts that we have received so far is this gorgeous clay pot cooker from Williams-Sonoma. I have actually never cooked with a clay pot, but have been intrigued to try cooking with this method ever since I was little and would eat Kleftiko in Cyprus every summer. Kleftiko is a traditional Cypriot dish that’s basically lamb that cooks at a very low temperature in the clay oven to the point where it’s almost melting with deliciousness. Since the clay oven is pre-soaked with water, at these low temps the steam from the clay along with the low cooking temperatures is what makes the meat so incredibly tender and melt-y. The clay pot incorporates the same methods, just in a mini version you can pop right into your oven at home. The key is to pre-soak the bottom 3 inches of the pot in the sink with cold water for 10-20 minutes before cooking. Oh, and if you start with a cold oven, not a pre-heated oven, that will make a difference as well in how the steam will release from the clay.

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