Glikolemono: The Sweetest Cafe in Larnaca



The other day after an afternoon of perusing the shops in downtown Cyprus ( very exhausting life while on vacation here, I know), we decided to find a cafe to sit down for an afternoon caffeine pick-me-up. After walking around for a bit, my cousin Christoula suggested we try out her favorite cafe, Glikolemono, which means “Sweet Lemon” in Greek. Nestled in an alleyway, which is quite the trend for cafes and restaurants on this island, with rows of adorable vintage cafe tables and chairs, sits this charming little cafe. Inside, the floor is a Moroccan tile, and the pastry windows are alive with the sweet treats that they churn out fresh daily from their quaint little kitchen in the back. 

The menu offers a not-so-typical cafe fare of unique sweets and gorgeous-looking pizzas and toasted paninis. After scouring the menu and drooling over practically every single item, I settled on a suggestion from my cousin, the orange cake ( or portokalopita) with Mastiha ice cream. Ever since discovering Mastiha a few years ago, i fell in love. It’s actually gum resin extracted from the Mastic trees found typically on the island of Chios. The flavor is hard to describe, but is sweet yet with a tree sap, gummy after taste that is very addictive after a few tastes. It’s used to make liquor, ice cream, candy, gum, and a bunch of other kinds of treats. Anyways, the Mastiha ice cream is phenomenal, especially at Glikolemono. And paired with the warm, fresh and flavorful portokalopita? It’s now risen to the top as one of my all-time favorite desserts.


I would highly recommend stopping by this adorable little cafe if you are ever visiting the island of Cyprus, and please, order the portokalopita with Mastiha ice cream. Wash it down with a traditional Cyprus coffee.You can thank me later. Glikolemono is located at 105 Zinonos Kitieos, close to the Finikoudes. Until next time, Kali orexi!


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